Film errors A to K

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Alien Ressurection, Austin Powers, Body of Lies, Boys Don't Cry, Braveheart, Cyote Ugly, Duplex, Edward Scissorhands, Enemy of the State, Equilibrium, Finding Nemo, Fucking Åmål (Show me love), Gothica, Hollow Man, If These Walls Could Talk 2, Indiana Jones: Last Crusade, Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: The lost world


Alien Ressurection

There's a scene where Ripley has joined the criminals and are on the way to their ship. They're walking in a corridor, and the captain of the criminals stops at the entrance of another corridor. He decides to enter because he has a bad feeling about something. He raises his huge weapon and it shakes a bit when he tries to position it right. Then, when he's shown from the front, his bad arse weapon is still at his side, pointing at the floor. He raises it and it shakes just like before. ERROR!


Austin Powers

I'm not sure if this is an error, but in A.P1, where Austin and Vanessa have been caught and trapped with the mutated illtempered sea bass, a guard loses his head (according to Austin). This guard is supposed to meet with a couple of friends at a bar later on. But he can't. He's dead. A guy among the dead guard's friends looks just like Rob Lowe. But the thing is, he has the role of the younger version of Number 2, in A.P2. How is it possible for a guy to be two different people in the same serie of movies? Because Number 2 is a 45 year old man in A.P1. He's there! The one acting his younger self shouldn't be there at all!


Body of Lies

In the very beginning of the film, Leonardo DiCaprio's character is sitting in a van with an arabic man in the middle of nowhere. DiCaprio asks the arab if he would like an orange and offers a small orange fruit. What he really offers is a clementine and not an orange. That or this is the smallest orange in the world!


Boys Don't Cry

I have only seen the movie two and a half times, but I noticed an error the second time I watched it. In the end, during the commotion in Chanice's home, she gets shot. She lands on her back, outstretched in the doorway to her bedroom/guestroom. Later her left leg is slightly bent, leaning to the left. Then, when she's showed a third time, just before Lana and her mother pass her, Chanise's left leg is bent to the side, with her foot pointing the left and the knee pointing to the right. Can dead people move? No one had been in there. Not even the police.



  • Philip, the prince's royal advisor (and lover) gets tossed out of the window, head first, by the king. He lands face down, with his head facing the direction of the camera. Now, the way it is filmed the camera suggests its current position is where Philip was thrown from. This means he cannot possibly land the way he did. He should spin 180°.

  • This is probably not an error, just... brainfreeze of a british soldier. During the very first battle (I think), the brits send their horsemen forward. One of the many lancers grips his lance in front of the vamplate and not behind it. I'd say that's a big no-no for a trained soldier.


Cyote Ugly

  • There are two errors in this one; that I've seen so far. First one is in the very beginning when Violet Sanford meets "Mr O'donnel" outside the club/burger shop. Kevin (O'donnel) has just told his "employee" (his boss) he's fired and the boss goes back inside and the door closes behind him. The camera angle is changed and the boss is still outside. He opens the door and walks inside. Hehe...

  • The second error occurs when Violet seduces Kevin. They make out in his flat and the pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Patrick Sweyze(sp?) is knocked to the floor. In the morning, when Violet is playing the keyboard, Kevin wakes up and says something about the crowd of pictures. Marilyn and Patrick is standing again, although "he" is leaning onto her. EEEEEEP! Wrong!



The computer Ben Stiller's character is using is clearly not a Mac. First of all, it is black. Secondly. the Apple logo on the front is upside-down!


Edward Scissorhands

  • The first dog Edward grooms is a different breed after the grooming.

  • Edward recalls a memory of his inventor before Edward was even made.

  • During the death scene of the inventor Edward strokes his cheek and draws a small amount of blood. The next shot shows three of his knives nearly drenched in blood. The cuts were not that deep!


Enemy of the State

The congressman Philip Hamersley is killed by Thomas Reynolds' (Jon Voight) henchman by his car near the lake. He's pushed into his car and the car is pushed into the lake. When the car hits the water Hamersley's dog is right about to jump in after it. When the camera angle is changed to the side the dog is all of a sudden further away when the car hits the water. Hmm.



In the final scene the blood spatter on Preston's suit suddenly vanish when he's done killing people. Marvellous! I'd like clothes that rinse themselves too.


Finding Nemo

When Nemo has escaped the dentist's clinic and finds Dory, Dory is in a state of panic because she can't remember why she's where she is. Suddenly her memory is jolted when she sees all the Sydney signs. In her flashback there's a memory of the dentist's clinic, one she can't possibly have because she's never been there.


Fucking Åmål (En. Show me love)

There's a minor error in this one. The main character Agnes is having a party at home and has invited a girl in a wheelchair. The doorbell rings yet Agnes mother has to ask her husband to help the girl up the stairs. If she can't get up the stairs, and she's all alone, how come the doorbell rings?



Ok, there is a part in this movie where Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) is taking a group-shower with the "residents" of the psych-ward. Miranda covers her face with her left arm as she's attacked by her stalker ghost. A couple of scenes later, in the hearing room with her lawyer and sheriff, she removes the bandage on her arm and reveals the words "Not Alone". The problem is she holds her arm outstretched from her body. Since her arm was bent to cover her face during the attack, the words should be upside-down when the arm is stretched - but they are not.
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Which is the dumbest mistake of them all? ;)


Hollow Man

  • There's this (theoretical?) mini error in the beginning. Dr Cain is on the table waiting for the injection. He puts it in himself and pump in the serum, or whatever. Now, air kills when it's injected into the veins. There's lots of air bubbles in the tube between the needle and his arm. The length of time from the first bubble to the end of the injection is long enough to pump in some air. He should be dead - for real!

  • I'm sceptic about this. Error or not. The scientists are making Dr Cain a rubber mask to make him a little bit human. It's not easy being transparent. Someone sticks a tube in his mouth for him to breath through. They pour the liquid rubber all over his face and one of them accidentally smears sticky goo on the tip of the tube and it's about to drip on the bed. Next sequence. The tube looks very clean! ...and no one cleaned it.


If These Walls Could Talk 2

  • In the 2nd act there's a scene when the four lesbian college girls leave their house, and they run into their conservative neighbour. They yell "Peace man!" and he shakes his head, they get into the car and drive away. The camera angle change and the girls starts the car and begin to back out of their drive way, and then the man shakes his head.

  • The second error is also located in the 2nd act. Linda has invited Amy, "The Tie", to her home and her house mates are acting like jerks. Linda says to Amy "These people are assholes, Karen". I find it wierd that she would say that since Karen is one of her bully-friends and, clearly, an "asshole".


Indiana Jones: Last Crusade

The mighty Indiana Jones is once again trying to survive the Nazis and is trying to hijack a tank. When he fights one nazi on the roof he gets pushed down on the side but manage to hang on to the rocket pipe (or whatever). He then suddenly realize his bag strap has got stuck around the damaged pipe. The Nazis try to take advantage of this and steer the tank towards a rock wall. Indy Jones panics but somehow manage to climb up on the tank again. Lo and behold ... the strap is no longer stuck around the pipe and Indy can now move freely to kick some Nazi butt.


Jurassic Park

There's a little miss in this movie right when Dennis Nedry has stolen the frozen embyos and is about to escape the island. He drives off the road and the car gets stuck in a branch on the ground. He unwindes the wire on the jeep to see if he can get the car down on the road below. In one of the clips the sign to the dock points straight ahead. Then Nedry slips in the water and end up on the road below. All of a sudden the sign shows a left turn. How is that possible?


Jurassic Park: The Lost World

In the middle of the movie, when the team camps in the middle of the forest at night, the little girl and the woman (sorry about the forgotten names) sleeps in the tent. The enormous T-Rex get a sniff of the bloody jacket in the tent and crashes the party. When the girl wakes up she screams as any sane person would and then carry on to panic. During a split second she accidentally look straight into the camera. Woups!