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Liar Liar, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Matrix, Maverick, Old School, The Patriot, Pushing Tin, Rambo II: First Blood, Romy and Michele's highschool reunion, Shrek, Sister Act, Terminator 2, Tomb Raider, Twelve Monkeys (Army), The Village, What women want


Liar Liar

There's a scene where Fletcher (Jim Carey) escapes the law firm through the staircase. He bangs open the door and bounce into the wall ... and the wall wiggles a bit. Haha.


Long Kiss Goodnight, The

Charly fights Anthony at the bridge near the truck with the bomb and Anthony cuts her with his 4 inch knife on her right side. She screams and bleeds, of course. But one clip later the wound has moved to her left side. How is that possible?



When Neo gets the Fed Ex delivery he grasps the envelop with his right hand and is about to open it at the corner with his left hand. Something catches his attention and in the following clip we see him holding the envelop with both hands on either sides of the envelop. Then he moves his left hand to open it.



There is a scene where Maverick are sitting on a horse ready to be hanged. Thankfully, the branch breaks when the horse walks away, leaving Maverick being dragged away with his left foot stuck in the stirrup. A short moment later his foot gets unstuck from the boot and the boot slowly falls to the ground (or at least get the neck stuck). But in a different camera angle the boot is still firmly stuck in the stirrup around the ancle area of the boot.


Old School

Somewhere in this film (I hopped in during a commercial break during another film) the lead character slapped a coworker with his right hand and then pointed at him with that same hand. A cut later he was pointing at the coworker with his left hand.


Patriot, The

I only watched the first hour of the movie since I had to work the next day. But it didn't stop me from finding an error. After the vote to whether or not to fight the Brits, Gibson (lost the note with his name) walkes up to Gabriel, his oldest son, who's in line to sign up for the army. The camera is behind Gibson and Gabriel's back is facing him. The camera angle switch from behind Gibson to diagonally in front of him. The correct angle for Gabriel should be diagonally from the front too. But it's not! The camera captures his left side of the back. That means Gibson should be able to see Gabriel in profile ... more or less. The camera switch back and it's back to the start with both of their backs to the camera. Huh?!


Pushing Tin

I didn't watch this closely. It seems wierd though. John Cusack (don't remember his character name) has just slept with Mrs Bell (Angie Jolie!) and they're lying in bed feeling all guilty. Her breasts are not covered properly. Her nipples is visible in a few clips. During the sudden camera angle changes her hand or the duvet change positions in a way not possible. From the side her breasts are free. The angle change to the front and her hands are all of a sudden on her chest - on top of the duvet that cover her breast. The camera angle change back and her hands have a different position and her breast are free from the duvet once again. Doesn't make sense.


Rambo II: First Blood

In the end of this movie Rambo hi-jack a helicopter all by himself. He flies around trying to massacre the bad guys. What's fascinating is that he can steer the helicopter AND handle the machinegun at the back at the same time. Wow. What a guy. [sarcastic]


Romy and Michele's High school reunion

In the scene where Heather demostrates her new brand of quick-burning cigarettes, it burns to the bud in a few seconds. But in the next shot it's almost full length again. Auto-refill anyone?



This is something weird, not really an error. In the beginning, where the soldiers try to catch Donkey and he runs away and bumps into Shrek, he look at Shrek feet to head. Shrek is in colour. But later in the movie, when Donkey has been told to find a blue flower with red thorns he confess he's colour blind. Now... why was Shrek in colour? I know it would be strange if Shrek was shown in black & white in the beginning without a proper explenation, but it still looks a bit weird.


Sister Act

When sister Mary Robert visits sister Mary Clarence (Whoopi Goldberg) in her cell she hands over a non-digital alarm clock in the shape of a plastic flower. She says she set it to 5am to help sister Mary Clarence get up in the morning. Funny thing is, the clock is set to about 7:02 am


Terminator 2

  • There's a huge error in the beginning. Arnold walks into the bikers bar, starts a fight and steal clothes. He heads out to steal the motercycle. The bar owner comes after him with a shotgun. Arnold grabs it, puts it in both of his hands, and then slowly lower the right hand, still holding the shotgun. Then the camera team switch camera angle - and Arnold is suddenly holding the shotgun in both hands .... and then slowly lower his right hand still holding the shotgun. ERROR!
  • There is another error in T2 - and T1 - which the director might know of but covered up with massive effects. It's the entire story. A terminator, from the future, travels back to 1984 (T1) to pester a woman and her unborn son. A guy is also sent back in time to protect the woman (Sara). He gets her pregnant - which, by itself should be impossible since he's not even born yet. Later on the terminator is crushed. His arm survive. Full speed to 1992 (I think). The corporation makes advanced technology with the help of this arm, and a computer chip found in the robot - from the future. This will lead to robots starting a war August 29th 1997. (Michael Jackson's birthday btw!) Now..., if all this work with creating the robots is based on the arm and the chip - that comes from a future robot - where does the future robot come from in the first place? Because without the chip and the arm, there will be no robots. So basically, the history/story of Terminator 1 & 2 is just a weird circle of happenings that's impossible - if you look at the history.


Tomb Raider

  • When Lara fights the robot Simon he attacks with sawblades. Lara tried to fight him off and one of the blades hit the ground and slices open a cut. But the cut is actually longer than what the blade created. Pre-cut.
  • While Simon keeps playing Outcast's "Speedballin', Lara and her butler move to the upper floor. They comment on clothing, Lara takes a shower and her butler suddenly appears next to Simon, turning off the music. The music should've been over during the timespan of all this. Not a definite error but a close one.
  • After the attack on Lara's mansion, her butler and Bryce is cleaning up the mess. A delivery boy arrives, hesitantely knocks on the wide-open double door. He staps inside, meets Lara who makes a funny comment, and behind them the double door is all of a sudden shut close.
  • Alex West's shower moment is interrupted by suspect noices and he leaves the rather steamy shower cabin. He yanks open the front door and a maid, holding one towel, screams in shock. In the next cut she is holding two towels.
  • In the end, when the team has reached Siberia, Powell kills Alex West. The knife hit West in the chest and he falls into the water and gets stuck in the cogwheels. The knife has magically disappeared from his chest.


Twelve Monkeys (Army)

There is an error in the end of the movie when James Cole (Willis) have been shot in the chest at the airport. He's lying on his back with Katherine kneeling besides him. He reaches his hand to touch her chin. In one clip the hand is clean - no blood, but in the next shot there's quite a lot of blood on it. The clip doesn't support any theory of "could have smudged in the movement" because his hand was no way near any bloody things.


The Village

Somewhere in this film the villagers offers a half pig to the creatures in the woods to get back on their good side. Two men are swinging the half pig back and forth to throw it onto a large flat stone sacrificial altar. It lands with skin down and ribs up. When the camera andle changes to show the same people from the front, the pig has mysteriously flipped over. And they say pigs can't fly. Maybe, but they sure seem to be able to move after death.


What women want

The computer Mel Gibson's character is using is clearly not a Mac. First of all, it is black. Secondly. the Apple logo on the front is upside-down!