Assassin's Creed 3 Bugs

Assassin's Creed 3 doesn't have hidden messages. The game has bugs! These are the bugs I encountered BEFORE the Thanksgiving Patch. I haven't played the game after the patch because all the problems put me off.

[Severe issue] means that this bug has effect on gameplay in terms of achievements/trophies in one way or another.


  • [Severe issue] The DNA entry for NY underground entrances says only 84% of west NY's entrances have been discovered despite the map showing all 11 entrances. This will prevent the 100% synch trophy.


  • Sequence 9 'Liberate West NY': Conner is not wearing his hood in the cutscene. He's shown with hair shaved off.
  • Weapon stuck in a wall after a fight.
  • Connor jumped onto a pine tree and started bouncing back and forth, stuck in a loop
  • A man on a horse was stuck half into the ground between a stone wall and a house in the Frontier.
  • Rifles carried by some soldier were held across the chest with a "severed" hand on it instead of being carried on the shoulder.
  • Sequence 6 'Hostile Negotiations': Enemies walking on the spot or walking on the spot inside a pine tree.
  • Picking locks doesn't always align with the actual lock.
  • Picking locks doesn't always show the round thing (lock spring?) moving.
  • Wolf died in mid air next to a boulder.
  • The priest and a man sitting on the same chair inside the inn during the priest Homestead mission.
  • Fox carcass floated in mid air after killing it with a rope dart and skinning it.
  • The waterfilled area in the New York undergound tunnels are glitched to no end.
  • A lantern in the New York tunnels will not light up when lit.
  • The Tournament fight 3: A beaten man lies on the ground with both his arms floating inside the ground.
  • The sparkling animation around posters is not always present making posters difficult to see.
  • Sequence 2 'Infiltrating Southgate': the body of a slaughtered enemy vanish into thin air.
  • Sequence 3 'Unconvinced': a bloodsplatter on Haytham's cheek is moving about in circles (happened during DNA replay).
  • Dismounting a horse makes Haytham/Connor's head enter its rear.
  • Sequence 4 'Hunting Lessons': Connor got stuck and walked backwards when teaching his friend where to set a snare trap.
  • Replaying earlier sequence missions (as young Connor) after having recieved Connor's white assassin's clothes, shows young Connor wearing this set and not his previous indian clothes.
  • Replaying earlier sequences involving hired assassins shows them wearing a Red Coat uniform instead of their every day clothes.
  • Replaying sequence 6 'The Tea Party', the mouths of the people in the cutscene are shut despite them speaking.
  • Sequence 7 'Public Execution': Connor's hands are supposed to be tied with a rope, but no rope can be seen.


  • The camera got stuck in close-up mode and wouldn't go into bird view after a fight. This happened in Boston I think.


  • Feathers missing on Frontier map despite having bought regional maps. They appeared after buying a completely different map.
  • Red enemy dots appearing on the minimap when there's no enemies around.
  • Boston icon disappeared after New York became available.
  • The brawler icon doesn't show on the Boston map to indicate where to go after finishing all fist fights. The Boston Brawler menu only says "Return to Harold Ring at the Brewery".
  • After the last mission for Big Dave the minimap continued to display the yellow warning area that indicate alert enemies.
  • Icons of posters missing on city maps (if there are icons for towncriers and printing press stores there should be one for posters).

Menu info

  • The text "Aquired: Weapon 1" shows every time an environment is loaded. Also, the info about the Kidd item and costume are also shown every time an environment is loaded.
  • During one game session the smooth flow of the crafting menu stopped and it became twitchy.
  • [Severe issue] The woodworker has been scanned on three different occations doing three different tasks yet the Homestead log says 2/3 tasks scanned. This may give the trophy Extraordinary Man nontheless.
  • The image of hare pelt in the Stockpile menu was not centered or same size as the other pelt images.


  • Replaying previous sequences at sequence 10 causes loss of weapons (mainly swords/blunt weapons).


  • [Severe issue] Sequence 8 'Homestead artisan mission' (blacksmith): The game would either freeze in loading mode before the mission fight started, or after it was over. At one point it was possible to get out of the white loading screen when inspecting a hunter spot. But then all NPCs in the area was invisible, except for the rope around the imprisoned man's hands.
  • [Severe issue] 'Dead Chest Treasure' comes with a flaw. If you miss any of the optional goals and decide to restart the mission from the last checkpoint the double (or even single) assassination halfway through stops working. Instead Connor runs straight past the enemies.
  • 'The Smuggler': Connor backed through a tree.
  • The chase scene in 'Public Execution' starts with Connor being equipped with a tomahawk yet no weapon is seen in his hand. The action button needs to be pressed for it to appear. Not sure if this bug is the cause of not being able to assassinate the first guard you come across.
  • [Severe issue] During the chase scene of 'Public Execution' Connor bumped into the target on the steps. In doing so he got stuck there and couldn't leave to complete the optional task.
  • During Desmond's Italy mission he used the lift/elevator and pressed the wall instead of button 4.


  • Connor free sprinted and landed on a grave stone and couldn't jump off of it.
  • Walking up to the church door (Homestead) for the first time triggered a cover movement and whistling instead of interacting with the door.
  • When trying to exit the church door a man usually opens it from the outside, slamming it in Connor's face, to let Connor out.
  • Freerunning tree branches in Homestead (near Morris' home) sometimes causes Connor to land as if he was landing on ground. Sometimes this causes him to fall off the branch.
  • Using a smoke bomb on a group of soldiers to kill 5 (for trophy) rendered the attack button useless.


  • 'V. of the Management of the Craft in Working' has two symbols swapped (law & mason) that doesn't match the clue.


  • Speaking to the priest in the inn triggers two different speaches at the same time.
  • During the Oak Island cinematic the sound of the animus barrier is heard.
  • Enemies falling (into water) after a ledge assassination keep screaming long after they hit the water/ground.
  • The sound of the stormy weather during 'Troubled Waters' privateer mission continued after the mission was over and Connor was standing in Homestead.
  • Sometimes the sound of someone dropping into water is heard when pressing 'select' on the PS3 controller. (seems to be related to fast reloading naval missions to get 100% synch).


  • Sequence 8: The subtitles after one of the missions wasn't displayed for as long as the vocal line lasted.