Asssassin's Creed 3: Nine Men Morris help

I hate board games that requires tactic. I couldn't save my life if a game depended on it. For all of you who feel the same - there is a solution to beating the AI in AC3. It's a fool proof tip taken from a comment I saw on a YouTube video.

  1. Go to (Java game)
  2. Check VI on the left hand side.
  3. In AC3, go to Homestead Inn and start up a game of Nine Mens Morris.
  4. Select NO when asked if you want to be the one who begins.
  5. Bet £100.
  6. Watch the AC3 AI move its WHITE piece.
  7. Make the same move in the Web Game using a BLUE piece.
  8. Watch the Web Game AI move its RED piece.
  9. Make the same move in AC3 with your BLACK piece.

Do step 6-9 until you have won.
Whenever an AI remove the opponents piece you copy that action on the correct device.