AC2:R Bugs

Assassin's Creed: Revelations doesn't have hidden messages. The game has bugs! Some are temporary. Some are not. Some can be worked around. Either way, they're a pain!

  • The Yerebatan Cistern: The surrounding music of the "real world" got stuck when replaying the memory. The game had to be restarted to break it.
  • On The Attack: The second weapon wheel got stuck and bomb selection (or any other selection) stopped working. Canceling the memory and starting it again unstuck the wheel.
  • My Master's Keeper: The minimap showed four enemy dots despite having killed all templars in the area.
  • The Guardian, part 1: The assassin in training had problems jumping over a low wall onto the roof. She tried three times before success. I replayed this 3-4 times to get full synch. She failed every single time.
  • A mercenary icon got stuck to the edge of the minimap. It even stuck around after hiring other factions (hiring new ones normally cancels the previous one). Restarting the game removed it.
  • Downloaded bonus content, such as outfits, were locked during gameplay until the game was restarted.
  • Guards appear and disappear at random at specific spots.
  • Newly dyed outfits does not show. The purchase goes through but the colours do not change.
  • The controls got stuck in "back-away" mode during a fight and only got unstuck after (desperately) using the weapon wheel button.
  • Equipping the Almogavar Axe doesn't cause a black silhouette on its spot on the weapon rack like all the other weapons/armour.