About SpaceOddity

The site was first born in roughly 2001. I was goofing around with a journal site and started to add things that was more meant for a real website rather than a tiny little journal (or blog, if you prefer that). I added all kinds of odd things to it; like fan listings, lyrics, useful links and various stories.
After running into a wall of limits on how to deal with everything, I found a site host which I used for a while. But as my knowledge of website building and demand if easyness grew, I found myself buying this little domain; which I've had since 2006.

The name SpaceOddity is something I stole from one of Tori Amos' songs called Riot Poof. Cyberspace... An odd collection of things. SpaceOddity. Simple and perfect.

I don't have any particular plans for the site. It grows and changes just like most things.

About Jay

My name is Jay and I'm an androgynous female in my late 30's. Tattooed, lightly pierced, cat lover, amateur guitar player. My humour is both sarcastic and ironic with a tad bit cheeky flavour to it all.

I have a thing for computer and console games. It all started in the mid 1980 with Space Invaders and PacMan. Nowdays I stick to genres like RPG, MMORPG, strategy and adventure. I enjoy titles like Diablo, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted and Final Fantasy. But I still find myself reverting back to games like Theme Hospital, Caesar 3 and Sim City(2k). ...sometimes even Resident Evil on a crazy day.

I like to organize, manage images for guides and work with texts (one of the reasons I have this website). I like writing game guides as well as fictional writing, though this has been put on ice for the time being.

For the past few years (2006 and onward) I've been hellbent on getting into the games business as a quality assurance worker, and lately, programmer. As of mid 2012 things have shifted and I'm not as hellbent anymore. I'm currently observing fate and the Universe have their fun with me and waiting for the next great thing.

About my furball

kimsy resting on sofaKimsy (1997-2012) was my first, very own cat. I've grown up with cats but never had one that was mine. She was named after a temporary VJ on Mtv and turned out to be the best cat anyone could wish for. I kept her in my hoodie pouch when she was a kitten and I believe that was what made us bond so well.
Kimsy had a thing for boxes. The smaller the better. She also liked "camping" in the sofa, under a blanket. I've been wondering if it had anything to do with staying in the hoodie pouch as a kitten.

Kimsy's favourite toy by far was a turquoise, plush toy crocodile that she stole from my brother once. She treated it as her prey on may occations.
She hated whistling and gave me an annoyed look every time I dared to whistle. She loved being kissed behind her ears, but if the kissing got too intense she cringed and slapped me in the face with her paw. Up until her 13th year she enjoyed chasing her tail in the shower and sofa.

In early 2012 she bit me hard while at the vet's clinic, clearly telling me she's had enough of prodding, squeezing and having blood drawn. Her health had been slowly deteriorating for three years. On her 14 years and 11 months day (9th June) I honoured her wishes and let her fall asleep for good.