About Wournos

My gamer name is Wournos, and I have been a gamer since the mid 1980's. It all started with Space Invaders and PacMan, jumped to Super Mario Bros, took a left turn to Tomb Raider, slid down hill with Resident Evil, ran through the fields of Sim City 2k, Theme Hospital and Final Fantasy 8 to X-2. Climbed the hill of Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 1-3, crawled through the rocks of The Last of Us and reached the castle of Steam.

Nowadays I stream my gaming on Twitch.tv. I am an affiliate with almost no ambition to make Partner. I stream what I feel like and take it as it comes.
What to expect? Survival, simulation, adventure, building.

About SpaceOddity

In short, SpaceOddity is the result of getting sucked into the "popular" diary websites back in 2001 and slowly learning HTML and CSS. Much trial and error, finding better and better hosts, and also learning programming has made SpaceOddity what it is.
As interests have shifted, the website has not been given much love since 2015.

As for the name... it represent the odd, mismatching content that is Wournos' life. Cyber space... oddities... Tori Amos sang the words in 'Riot Poof', by the way.