I like photography but I don't take photos often; and when I do, I end up taking photos of my cat.
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Kimsy was my furry little friend. Born in 1997 she graced my life with her appearance. She was a semi rescue case that I just had to take care of. She may have lived a relatively long life (for a cat) but she still managed to act like a kitten sometimes. She loved to drop her toys in my bed, sleep in a sunny window and curl up in my lap whenever possible. More about my cat can be found on the About page.


Bengalis [Ben-gál-ïs] is the manly furball I was supposed to watch over for 4-6 weeks. But as fate has a way of striking whenever it feels like, Bengalis was given to me (after MUCH consideration by the owner). He was born during spring 2009 and is the biggest loudmouth anyone can ever come across. But he is also a very loving cat once you get to know him (and he accepts you).