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Bad Girls - Episode 6, season 2

Nikki Wade is in the library and Helen Stewart sneaks in to surprise her soon-to-be girlfriend. She grab hold of the book and says "This kind of book is too difficult for a loser like you". Nikki freaks out and Helen sits down. Nikki asks what Helen is doing there and has a most serious look on her face. No seconds later, at a camera angle from the front, she's suddenly smiling a huge smile.

Buffy the vampire slayer

In an episode of season 3, Faith has just woken up from her coma and is on the look-out for Buffy. They meet on campus and starts fighting. Faith flees and jumps over a 3 feet stone wall. When she does it wiggles. Can we all say FAKE! =)


  • Season 1, Episode 1 "Something Wicca This Way Comes ": At one point Phoebe believes she's heard a sound from the attic. She goes up the stairs and tries to open the door but it is locked as it has been for ages. She turns around to go down when the door magically opens. She stares at it and raises her hand to shed some light with the flash light. The camera angle changes from Phoebes back to inside the attic. Her right hand holding the flash light is still close to her side. She raises it and flash the room with the flash light.

  • Season 1, Episode 10 "Wicca Envy": During the scene where Piper and Phoebe are about to break out Prue from jail, a guard is standing inside by the door looking at a noticeboard. He turns his head to see who opens the door and Piper freezes him along with the rest of the people inside. The camera switches angle, opposite of before, and the guard by the door is all of a sudden staring at the noticeboard on the wall.

    In that same episode, during the "final battle", Piper freezes Hannah, who has shifted into a panther and jumped mid air to attack. Rex is standing behind them with a lantern in his hand. It's only slightly held in front of him, about hip-high. When Prue moves him with her telekinetic ability, he's all of a sudden holding the lantern with his arm outstretched infront of him. Dead men can't walk and frozen people shouldn't be able to move.

  • Season 4, Episode 17 "Saving Private Leo": During one of the scenes with the military ghosts, the smaller soldier is holding his hands together in front of his lower abdomen. A camera switch later they are suddenly behind his back.

  • Season 5, Episode 3 "Siren Song": During the fight with the Siren in the hospital, she gets speared when one of the Halliwells throw a metal pole at her. She escapes and summons a demonic helper to heal her. She's bleeding. Now, when the demonic helper pulls the pole out of her the blood only covers the part of the pole that was in her, not the entire end of the pole.

  • Season 6, Episode 7 "Soul Survivor": In a scene up at the attic, Paige is by the Book of Shadows flipping through it while talking about Faustian Deals with her sisters. At one point she stops to focus on discussing the current threat. The book has an entry on vampires showing. In a different shot it shows an entry about monkey totems. Next comes an entry that says something about "...urzon". All this happened without Paige flipping any pages at all! Impressive. She really does have magical powers (no, she didn't orb the pages).

  • Season ??, Episode ?? "??": Prue decides to continue her hobby as a photographer. The sisters had been out chasing an invisible man acting like peoples inner voice. What he told them they believed, since they thought it was their own thoughts. Somewhere along the way Prue took a picture of a bridge where she'd been as a young girl. She thought of jumping off of it.
    In the end, after the vanquish of the bad guy, Prue decides to burn the photo. She puts it on the logs with image facing down. Camera angle: from inside the fireplace. When the angle changes to show her back, the image is suddenly facing the ceiling. How?

CSI - Episode 18, season 10 "Meat Jekyll"

In one scene, Langston is visiting Nate Haskell in jail. He holds a piece of paper in his hands. In the first shot, his right hand is on the right side of the paper. In the next, his hand has moved to the top of the paper. Then, miraculously, it has moved back to the right side a third shot later.


  • Season 2, episode 11: After Dexter returns to the cabin to find James Doakes missing, Doakes returns under custody of two drug dealers on a mission to empty the cabin of the stashed cocaine. One of the drug dealers loads up Doakes' tied hands with six large packages of cocaine. During the next few camera shots the packages change position from somewhat neatly stacked to nearly dropping from his grip, over and over... There is no way that could ever happen within 38 seconds of just standing still while the second drugdealer is pointing a machine gun at him.

  • Season 3, episode 7: LaGuerta visits Ellen Wolf with a bottle of whisky. She puts two glasses on the table and, with the camera facing her, she starts pouring into the left glass. The camera angle changes to the back of her and she starts pouring into the other glass. When the camera changes back to frontal view, LaGuerta just finishes pouring into the left glass and moves over the the empty right glass.

The Good Wife

  • The majority of episodes suffer from audio unsynchronization during speach when filming the listener.

  • Season 2, episode 12: At around 34 minutes into the episode, Cary Agos and Geneva Pine are getting information from Andrew Wiley. At one point Wiley places a photo of a criminal on his stroller. Shortly after, his attention is turned towards a car speeding and he chases it briefly on foot. When he gets back to the stroller to continue the conversation, the photo is no longer on the stroller. In the next shot he pulls out a new photo, of a football (soccer) team, and places it on the stroller. ...on top of the formerly missing photo of the criminal.

  • Season 2, episode 16: At 12 minutes, Alicia gives Will a file of papers. The camera angle is currently showing them both from the front. When the camera changes to show Will from behind he's seen turning his head to accept a file given to him by Alicia.

    At 20 minutes, a chinese man is sitting in the Lockheart-Gardener interview room, leaning his head against his hand. When his wife unexpectedly arrives, he no longer prods his head with his hand. Instead, his hand is almost resting on his knee. In the next shot, however, he once again leans his head against his hand. Given his surprised state of mind he would never switch postures like that intentionally.

    A sidenote: In this episode Zach and Becca is trying to locate a swedish nanny and come across a coloured woman. Zach says something similar to "She's clearly not swedish". I find this comment utterly stupid because Sweden is a multi-cultural country. People born elsewhere can apply for swedish citizenship.

  • Season 2, episode 18: At 7 minutes, a Mac laptop is used to play a song. The sound that indicates increasing or decreasing sound doesn't match the number of squares seen on the screen. For each beep 1 square is either added or removed depending on if the sound decreases or increases. 4 beeps are heard yet more than 4 squares are removed from the screen.

  • Season 3, episode 2: At 19 minutes, Kalinda is spying on Mickey in her car. The side view mirror shows Mickey leaving a public building. A woman in a lilac top and grey sweater leaves the same building not far behind him. Mickey is, at this point, below the stairs while the woman is closer to the top of the stairs. Kalinda turns around in her seat to take photos. The view through the rear view window shows Mickey at the top of the stairs going down and the woman not too far behind.

  • Season 3, episode 9: At 22 minutes, Zach is looking through the file history of a Mac laptop. The search shown is clearly fake because the word "Saturday" and the cursor are crisp and very black compared to the somewhat blurry imagery of the operating system.

    At 40 minutes, Alicia is waiting in a hallway after the verdict. Her legs is crossed. The judge walks past, stops and turns around to have a word. During the quick changes of the camera angle, Alicia's legs change from crossed to parallell to crossed again.

  • Season 3, episode 10: At 15 minutes, Alicia leaves a hall in, what appears to be, a school. Louis Canning chases her out the doors, leaving the right side door (seen from a viewers point of view) open. In the next shot the door is closed, only to be open once again in the third shot.

  • Season 3, episode 14: At 18 minutes, Eli Gold sits in the bar with Stacie Hall. She orders a special kind of drink that has a lot of whipped cream in it. During shots, the cream doubles and decrease in size without them touching the glasses.

  • Season 3, episode 15: Roughly 30 minutes into the episode Will invites Alicia into his office. She sits down on the left chair that Will pulls out for her. The right chair is facing the desk and cannot be sat on unless moved. Between shots the chair has moved, without being touched, and is now facing the first chair.

  • Season 4, episode 10 "The Battle of the Proxies": In a scene with Diane Lockhart and Eli Gold, David LaGuardia sits down with his blue lunch trey. The trey is in front of him at all times until Diane pushes over a photo of Eli Gold and Kalinda Sharma. The trey is suddenly nowhere to be seen.
    Later, when the conversation is almost over, you can see, and hear, LaGuardia taking the trey from right-hand side of the table and placing it in front of him.

  • Season 5, episode 6: At 35 minutes, Robin is shown picking up a slice of pizza two times in a row due to the change of camera angle.

Heroes - Season 2 Episode 7

Caitlin and Peter is captured in the future and forced to shower to get rid of potential infections due to the Virus. Caitlin covers her breasts with both arms. If she had been completely naked, as the barrels she's hiding behind indicate, she would at least keep one hand over her crotch. She is being cleaned up by other men.

L Word

  • Season 3, episode 2: Carmen is in church doing her job as an assistant, sort of. She's carrying a folder bursting with papers and notes of different colours. When she walks from one end towards a table on the other end she has to step over something and in the process drops a couple of papers. ...and she doesn't pick them up!

  • Season 5, episode 9: It's the summer from hell and everyone is hot and bothered. Phyllis and Joyce are in Phyllis' office discussing her divorce and Joyce, her lawyer and former lover, is undressing to be able to stand the heat. The vest is gently thrown on the back of an armchair along with her tie. Her shirt is not so carefully thrown on the seat of the other armchair as she talks about Phyllis' husband being a 'whiney girl'. All this is seen from the back of Phyllis. The camera switch a few seconds later shows Phyllis from the front, agreeing with Joyce as Joyce once again throws her shirt on the second armchair.


In the episode where Lionel Luther has decided to give his son Lex electric shocks (he's in the mental hospital) the doctor places a rubber thing with a handle in Lex' mouth to prevent him from biting off his tongue. The handle is too big to miss. After the treatment the doctor removes the rubber bite thing, and some soft words, but also angry words later, Lex is shown from above ... and what do you know. The rubber thing with it's handle is back in his mouth.

Twin Peaks

Episode 2, right at the beginning. Benjamin Horne is having dinner with his family when his brother, Jerry Horne, barges in after a trip to France and shares his new found love for brie baguettes. Benjamin gets to taste one. During the first bite, Benjamin holds it so that the bottom of the baguette is facing the room. One clip later the top side is facing the room and not a single bite indicates that Benjamin has flipped the baguette.